Sunday, December 23, 2007

Toto Prediction: 20Dec Toto Draw Analysis

For the last draw on 20Dec2007, I have again based on the past 7 draws numbers for my bets. Didn't win any prize but all the 1st prize 6 numbers are from the last 7 draws. Today toto jackpot is 1.5millions.

Good Luck and Merry Christmas.
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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Toto Prediction: Toying with new methods.

17Dec, 9pm. UPDATE: TOTO RESULT OUT. Only 3 numbers in one of the row. There are 5 numbers drawn from the past 7 draws.

I find it tedious having to bet using ordinal entry for 105 games. 1 betting strip from Singapore pools can take 6 games, that means I have to patiently marked all, (make some mistakes and have to do them again.)

So, I decided to work on a method using system 7 entry. Still focusing on the last 8 draws numbers, I split the 7 numbers into equal range [using excel spreadsheet, you can use whatever tools to help you.]

Basically, 45balls toto balls, cannot be divide by 7, so, I use the combination, 6,6,7,7,7,6,6. [Does not really matter, but as evenly spread as possible]

Then, looking at Row1, I will chose from the last 8 draws, a Even number from 1-6 for column B, and Odd for column C.....and so on. ( Those NO, means nearer to last column, Odd. N=nearer]

I normally place only 1 number from the latest draw as one of the selection. Then, build the rest of the numbers accordingly. As randomly as possible, and make sure those have two rows have more then 3 numbers the same. [ I didnt check my picks, have two rows with 6numbers the same, if these 6 are drawn tonight, I will have 2 wining tickets...lolx ]

Note: You can build more rows if you have enough $ to place more bet, remember each row is $3.50. So, work out a betting budget, then create the rows. ( I run on 12rows, $42 :( )

[Hey!!! cannot share my numbers here lah, else we might queue up next to each other at paradiz centre, I don't like tt. hehe)

Good Luck.
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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Toto Prediction: Winning Grp 5, 4numbers

I won a Group 5 prize, 4 winning numbers ticket. $30.

Using the last 8 draws, I play only ordinal entries (quite a number of them), 105games in total. Only 1 winning tickets. But one good observation is that there are 6 winnings numbers from the last 7 draws. Last 7 draws has around 35numbers, which make less number to work on.

And also 1 number from the last draw, no. 7.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Toto Prediction: New method used

After reading so many Ebook on lottery, I'm currently combining all the new "technique" (strategies, lolx...) to create my lottery tickets. Last draw have too many small numbers, which often then not are some birthdays, anniversary dates, etc... and therefore a few winners.

I'm betting now on 3 sets of 35 ordinal entry, which is $52.50.

Still looking for a good wheeling system to wheel 35 numbers for system 7 entry with at least 3 numbers guarantee from the 35numbers? Any recommendation?

Good Luck to TOTO TODAY

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Toto Prediction: Numbers from past draws

Further to my method of using past results to place bet for up coming draw, I manage to get a software program that allow me to analyze over 1000 draws (database).

Analysis results:

Eg. If you take the last 4 draws results, on the average over 1000 draws, there are 3.43 winning numbers from the past 4 draws and so on for past 5 draws...etc...

Unfortunately the software cannot run until past 8 draws, but I would expect the Average will be >5. But it will be meaningless actually to run past 8 draws, as all the 45 numbers might it.

It might be good for us to concentrate on the past 6 or 7 draws to determine our bets. Well, then the selections will be totally up to you.


Monday, December 3, 2007

Toto Prediction: Lottery Ebooks

I been amazed by the number of lottery ebooks out there that give some form of "GUARENTEED". So I decided to get hold of a few to understand what they are talking about. But the only problem is that I cannot give away too much as I might infringe "copy right", anyway, my review on the Ebooks and methods: [ I added a link for the sales page, only for those interested ]

These two I recommend having as a guide;

Ken Silvers $2.5Million Silver Lotto System - Winning Secret For Most Of The Worlds Lottery Games. Sold Since 1991.

- Simple easy to use methods, but can be expensive. No calculation.
- I tried his method for 3 draws (on paper), 2x winnings of 4numbers.
- No big jackpot yet, but I'm willing to try for real for a few weeks.

Make $1889 On The Lottery Every Week.

- Very similar methods to what I have been using but base on 15 numbers
- How to choose of 15 numbers is key to this ebook.
- No try this method myself, since there are some similarly to my methods so I will try in future.

There are many others, but these are the three I have now that I'm current using as part of my lottery "DREAMS". I'm also looking for some Free wheeling system that can help me create a wheeling tickets for numbers of selected balls.

Good Luck

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Toto Prediction: 1.5Millions Draw

Today toto jackpots, 1.5millions, that explains why I'm posting again. :).

Remember the strategy of betting on all the numbers, well, often enough, I see many people queuing up in lines for a toto tickets, and ask for a Quick Pick. Now, I'm not saying that it is not going to win betting on Quick Pick, it is just no fun at all. I get myself a quick pick system 7 today, and the numbers are 7, 11, 12, 21, 22, 24, 25. Well, this is definitely not a good pick tickets, all numbers so close to each other. ( another wasted $3.50)

But for serious players, I would suggest you bet on all 45 numbers. For $21, you can bet on 6 system 7 with 42/45 numbers. Normally, I got rid of the least happen numbers (check Then, I make some effort to "place" numbers into the 6 rows of 7. If $21 is too much for your "betting investment" (or bad investment) You can go for 8x6, ie. 7 rows of 6 numbers ordinary bet, which cost $4. This way you can covers all 45numbers, (in fact, 48numbers in total) so, 3 repeated numbers in some rows.

Bettting on all numbers make a better strategy then QuickPick as you will have all the numbers on your tickets. And all you hope for is that all the winning numbers from the draw make a single row.

Remind yourself.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Toto Prediction: Winning Tickets for Draw 2273

Ok, manage to win some $ from the toto analysis. (Luck as well). Didn't spend time on this draw as it is Deepavali, so i bet on the numbers from the last draw. Anyway, the win is only 3+1, $20, so for a system 7 bet, I think total winnings = $60. Nothing to shout about...

PS: Remember, you still need to "massage" the numbers from my toto prediction page. (Some home work is needed to win the big $$$)

BTW: The results: 2 4 15 17 38 39 (8)

Monday, November 5, 2007

TOTO Prediction: Almost! but...

I can only say that one day I will definitely win the toto (lottery). Base on the last post, remembering betting of all numbers (especially those from previous 7 draws). I bet on a series of system 7 entries.

Well, I have 5 + 1 which is group 2 prize, BUT in different row. Better luck next time.
Toto Prediction

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Toto Prediction: Next Draw 2272, Prize: >1million

The next TOTO draw for this week is going to have a prize money over 1 million, that when I say I will post another methods.

I have been collected results for many weeks now, and with the strategy of betting on all numbers in different combination of system 7. I also want to share the current method I'm trying, not with extremely good results, but at least reducing the total numbers of selection to choose from. (confusing? yes, i think so to...:P)

I have looked at the pass result and can tell from the statistics that almost 6 numbers drawn from each draw are coming from the last 7 draws. In another words, we can concentrate our bet based on the numbers drawn from the last 7 draws. (Which is normally around ~35 of them). This reduces the numbers of bets need to place. Now, obviously the element of LUCK is really still the main thing.

For this method, you can first take note of all the past 7 draws from my website, or from S-pools, and then run a excel spreadsheet to sort the numbers. For my TOTO prediction, system 7 type, manipulate the rows, so that individual row consists of some of the past 7 drawn numbers and at least 1 from the previous draw.

Well, can hope your pick comes out!!! Cheers
Toto Prediction

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Toto Prediction: Stay Tune

No post on toto prediction?

Well, been working on the 4D prediction P&L last 2 weeks and was not really playing the TOTO (lottery game)

But, will keep up on the TOTO prediction P&L as well, this coming weeks when jackpot money goes beyond 1million dollar.

Stay tune.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Toto Prediction: Still cannot get it right...

I have been spending more time on TOTO prediction then on 4D as the rewards is more. But at the same time, it is also more difficult and challenging.

My strategy have been simple, bet on all 45 numbers in different row of 7. (System 7 entry). With equal numbers of odd and even, a spread from the hot numbers to the cold numbers., yet, more of the time I get 3 numbers.

Must rethink my TOTO strategy or .......

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Toto Prediction - 04Oct 2007 Updated

The Next TOTO draw 2263 estimate: $3.0million
Remember to get your tickets. Good Luck. Hope my TOTO Prediction works.


Friday, September 21, 2007

Toto Prediction: Moon Cake Draw Result


Taken from Pools'

Moon Cake Draw
Winning Numbers
4 6 14 19 34 40
Additional Number
Winning Shares

Prize Group

Share Amount (each) No. of Winning Shares
Group 1 $1,756,963 3
Group 2 $31,526 34
Group 3 $1,169 917
Group 4 $500 2,147
Group 5 $30 42,320
Group 6 $20 49,399

I still cannot get it right, 2 winning numbers in 3 different tickets...Sign

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Toto Prediction: Moon Cake Draw 5 millions

Just happen to know from Singapore pools website that there is a MOON CAKE DRAW 5million jackpot prize...

Need to spend more time on the analysis!!!

Good Luck.!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Toto Prediction - Cascade Draw 10Sep07

10Sept - Cascade Draw - Jackpots 5.5millions shared by 3

Even though I have all seven numbers in my tickets, but they are all in different row. Using the method I have posted previously, since I brought all the 45numbers in different rows, i still having problem getting more then 4 in row.

Yesterday draw contains 3 repeated numbers from the previous draw which is not common. The last time this happen is in draw no: 2240. (16draws ago) Most of the time, one 1 repeated number from the previous draw is expected.

But if you have buy the prediction from my system 9 prediction.

You will win 4 numbers with row5, but it might be too costly to play.

Better Luck next time.

PS: I have two tickets with 3numbers each from my prediction.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Toto Prediction - Wed Resouces

I'm managed to find a good forum site for toto, (lotto, whatever.) There are lots of free tips, information on how other people (gamblers) in different part of the world play their favorite games.

There are free wheeling system.


Monday, August 20, 2007

Toto Prediction: Methods

I'm going share my toto prediction methods on my site

Generally, it is a very simple method but I have yet to proof that it is effective as well. (So much for the prediction) Well, the algorithm is that I have sorted the previous results from highest occurs numbers to the lowest occurs numbers. Then, the software position the highest to the lowest number in 3 format, system 7, system 9 and system 11.

Now, if you look at the system 7 methods, the numbers are arrange in 6Rows. 6x7 = 42. So, effectively, I'm betting on all the numbers from 1 to 45 except for the least occurs 3numbers. This means that my bets will contain almost all the 45 numbers from the draw and hoping that any row will win more then 4 numbers. Obviously, this is not the most effective methods, you still need to play around a little with all the numbers in each row.

Normally, the wining numbers come from each column of the system 7 method, meaning to say, at each draw; wining numbers will come from highest to the lowest and not all from highest or lowest. It is mostly a mixture of high and low.

System 9 and system 11 are for those CASH RICH player who can invest more. System 9 simply covers all the 45 numbers, 5x9 = 45. So, stand a great chance but also meant a lot more bets = more money to place all the bets.

If you read more on lottery books, website, etc. Many players like to also sort their bets with a balance between odds & even numbers. 3 odds, 4even or 4 even 3 odds. etc... You can also use this to rearrange the numbers from each row from my site.

I have also make a quick check on all past results, it is quite often that 1 of the previous drawn number will be drawn again in the next draw.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Toto Prediction: Methods

Toto prediction is one of the most difficult and most challenging for most lottery player. It is also extremely rewarding to win a lottery of any kind in any part of the world. Last year, the Euro millions lottery was at a high of few hundred of millions Euro 1st prize waiting to be won. How I wish I was in Europe that time. ( Even though, Euro millions can be purchase online, I wont recommend it to anyone from Singapore. No need actually)

Before we go into the prediction. First, let us understand our very own Toto game. I guess it is called Toto very much because in mandarin, TOTO equates to 多多. (Many Many in Mandarin). The total number of balls in each draw use to be 42only, but in Jul1997, the game was changed and the total number of balls become 45 (increasing the odds!!!) With some mathematics, you can count that the chances(odds) of a winning ticket,1st prize, is actually 1: 8,145,060. So, looking at this odds, you perhaps also understand why it is so hard to win the lottery.

In Singapore, you can choose to bet in different systems, called system bets. The cost of each tickets is increased based on the number of combination derived from the system. So, an system7 entry will have 7 unique sets of 6 numbers each (Just trust the maths), and a system12 will have 924 unique sets of 6 numbers per set. So, if you have money for a system12, effectively, you have brought down the odds to 1: 8145060/924 = 1: 8815 ? (Not sure if this is correct!)

Toto Prediction Methods:

Since it is almost impossible to predict, why still want to spend time? Well, If you are not a Lottery player, you would not be able to answer that. Lottery Players will always find new ways to beat the system, crack the code, etc...

There are website offering many ways, softwares, well, if it works then why still need to sell the software. ( that's my point, so my prediction software which I pay to software programmer to program is for FREE, register at if you want to know more) Why FREE, because I think if you use my program and win a few millions, I think you wouldn't know how to use all of the millions and can donate some to me.

Common Methods:

Hot & Cold Analysis: From the name, It is basically relying on previous draw results and run a hot number (frequently occurs) versus the cold number (least frequent) Many software program provide this, I think it is because it is very easy to formulate the algorithm.

Odd & Even Analysis: This is about analysis of how many odd numbers are drawn versus even numbers. Generally, we should go with 50%/50%, since everything is equal.

Sum of all numbers: Basically, it is analyzing the total sum of all the drawn numbers from each draw. For example: 12, 19, 33, 36, 42, 44, (4), all adds up to 190. So, there a High Sum, low sum analysis predict what will be the total sum for the next draw, and formulate the bets

Birthday Methods: Most common, and I would say it is quite successful for some people before. But this method normally end up with lots of people sharing the Jackpot. The reason is simple, birth dates wont go beyond 31, so when a relatively low numbers are drawn, many people will have a wining combination. Eg. 6Jul2007, Wining Numbers: 1, 5, 9,10,11,15 (27). 1st Prize of 6millions. 44 wining entries: Each $137K. (SAD? or HAPPY?)

There are many other methods, but some basic tips is not to bet on concurrent numbers beyond 3 or 4. Meaning: Do not bet on bet with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,6 on the same ticket. Not that it will not happen, it's just that it is extremely unlikely.

TOTO Prediction

Saturday, July 28, 2007

TOTO Prediction

Toto prediction blog is created to post news about my Toto prediction for the upcoming Singapore pools draws. Toto prediction is based on some of the lottery methods gathers from the internet.

How to play TOTO (from Singapore pools website)

To play TOTO, choose at least six numbers from 1 to 45 and match them against the winning numbers drawn. Six numbers plus one additional number will be drawn every Monday and Thursday. If your numbers match at least three numbers and the additional number drawn, you win a prize!

You can also let the computer pick the numbers for you. Simply ask the retailer for QuickPick.

You can place Ordinary Bets or System Bets in TOTO.

Ordinary Bet , refers to a selection of 6 numbers from 1 to 45
System Bet, refers to a selection of 7 to 12 numbers from 1 to 45.
For example, a System 7 bet is a selection of 7 numbers.

System Roll, this requires you to pick only 5 numbers from 1 to 45. The 6th number will be assigned by the computer based on the remaining 40 numbers. In other words, you have placed 40 ordinary bets.

Marking the Bet Slip
• Mark your selections with a heavy vertical line
• Check to make sure you have marked the bet slip correctly. Once the ticket is printed, no cancellation or refund can be made.