Monday, December 3, 2007

Toto Prediction: Lottery Ebooks

I been amazed by the number of lottery ebooks out there that give some form of "GUARENTEED". So I decided to get hold of a few to understand what they are talking about. But the only problem is that I cannot give away too much as I might infringe "copy right", anyway, my review on the Ebooks and methods: [ I added a link for the sales page, only for those interested ]

These two I recommend having as a guide;

Ken Silvers $2.5Million Silver Lotto System - Winning Secret For Most Of The Worlds Lottery Games. Sold Since 1991.

- Simple easy to use methods, but can be expensive. No calculation.
- I tried his method for 3 draws (on paper), 2x winnings of 4numbers.
- No big jackpot yet, but I'm willing to try for real for a few weeks.

Make $1889 On The Lottery Every Week.

- Very similar methods to what I have been using but base on 15 numbers
- How to choose of 15 numbers is key to this ebook.
- No try this method myself, since there are some similarly to my methods so I will try in future.

There are many others, but these are the three I have now that I'm current using as part of my lottery "DREAMS". I'm also looking for some Free wheeling system that can help me create a wheeling tickets for numbers of selected balls.

Good Luck

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