Sunday, December 16, 2007

Toto Prediction: Toying with new methods.

17Dec, 9pm. UPDATE: TOTO RESULT OUT. Only 3 numbers in one of the row. There are 5 numbers drawn from the past 7 draws.

I find it tedious having to bet using ordinal entry for 105 games. 1 betting strip from Singapore pools can take 6 games, that means I have to patiently marked all, (make some mistakes and have to do them again.)

So, I decided to work on a method using system 7 entry. Still focusing on the last 8 draws numbers, I split the 7 numbers into equal range [using excel spreadsheet, you can use whatever tools to help you.]

Basically, 45balls toto balls, cannot be divide by 7, so, I use the combination, 6,6,7,7,7,6,6. [Does not really matter, but as evenly spread as possible]

Then, looking at Row1, I will chose from the last 8 draws, a Even number from 1-6 for column B, and Odd for column C.....and so on. ( Those NO, means nearer to last column, Odd. N=nearer]

I normally place only 1 number from the latest draw as one of the selection. Then, build the rest of the numbers accordingly. As randomly as possible, and make sure those have two rows have more then 3 numbers the same. [ I didnt check my picks, have two rows with 6numbers the same, if these 6 are drawn tonight, I will have 2 wining tickets...lolx ]

Note: You can build more rows if you have enough $ to place more bet, remember each row is $3.50. So, work out a betting budget, then create the rows. ( I run on 12rows, $42 :( )

[Hey!!! cannot share my numbers here lah, else we might queue up next to each other at paradiz centre, I don't like tt. hehe)

Good Luck.
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