Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Toto Prediction: Methods

Toto prediction is one of the most difficult and most challenging for most lottery player. It is also extremely rewarding to win a lottery of any kind in any part of the world. Last year, the Euro millions lottery was at a high of few hundred of millions Euro 1st prize waiting to be won. How I wish I was in Europe that time. ( Even though, Euro millions can be purchase online, I wont recommend it to anyone from Singapore. No need actually)

Before we go into the prediction. First, let us understand our very own Toto game. I guess it is called Toto very much because in mandarin, TOTO equates to 多多. (Many Many in Mandarin). The total number of balls in each draw use to be 42only, but in Jul1997, the game was changed and the total number of balls become 45 (increasing the odds!!!) With some mathematics, you can count that the chances(odds) of a winning ticket,1st prize, is actually 1: 8,145,060. So, looking at this odds, you perhaps also understand why it is so hard to win the lottery.

In Singapore, you can choose to bet in different systems, called system bets. The cost of each tickets is increased based on the number of combination derived from the system. So, an system7 entry will have 7 unique sets of 6 numbers each (Just trust the maths), and a system12 will have 924 unique sets of 6 numbers per set. So, if you have money for a system12, effectively, you have brought down the odds to 1: 8145060/924 = 1: 8815 ? (Not sure if this is correct!)

Toto Prediction Methods:

Since it is almost impossible to predict, why still want to spend time? Well, If you are not a Lottery player, you would not be able to answer that. Lottery Players will always find new ways to beat the system, crack the code, etc...

There are website offering many ways, softwares, well, if it works then why still need to sell the software. ( that's my point, so my prediction software which I pay to software programmer to program is for FREE, register at after36.com if you want to know more) Why FREE, because I think if you use my program and win a few millions, I think you wouldn't know how to use all of the millions and can donate some to me.

Common Methods:

Hot & Cold Analysis: From the name, It is basically relying on previous draw results and run a hot number (frequently occurs) versus the cold number (least frequent) Many software program provide this, I think it is because it is very easy to formulate the algorithm.

Odd & Even Analysis: This is about analysis of how many odd numbers are drawn versus even numbers. Generally, we should go with 50%/50%, since everything is equal.

Sum of all numbers: Basically, it is analyzing the total sum of all the drawn numbers from each draw. For example: 12, 19, 33, 36, 42, 44, (4), all adds up to 190. So, there a High Sum, low sum analysis predict what will be the total sum for the next draw, and formulate the bets

Birthday Methods: Most common, and I would say it is quite successful for some people before. But this method normally end up with lots of people sharing the Jackpot. The reason is simple, birth dates wont go beyond 31, so when a relatively low numbers are drawn, many people will have a wining combination. Eg. 6Jul2007, Wining Numbers: 1, 5, 9,10,11,15 (27). 1st Prize of 6millions. 44 wining entries: Each $137K. (SAD? or HAPPY?)

There are many other methods, but some basic tips is not to bet on concurrent numbers beyond 3 or 4. Meaning: Do not bet on bet with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,6 on the same ticket. Not that it will not happen, it's just that it is extremely unlikely.

TOTO Prediction

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