Monday, August 20, 2007

Toto Prediction: Methods

I'm going share my toto prediction methods on my site

Generally, it is a very simple method but I have yet to proof that it is effective as well. (So much for the prediction) Well, the algorithm is that I have sorted the previous results from highest occurs numbers to the lowest occurs numbers. Then, the software position the highest to the lowest number in 3 format, system 7, system 9 and system 11.

Now, if you look at the system 7 methods, the numbers are arrange in 6Rows. 6x7 = 42. So, effectively, I'm betting on all the numbers from 1 to 45 except for the least occurs 3numbers. This means that my bets will contain almost all the 45 numbers from the draw and hoping that any row will win more then 4 numbers. Obviously, this is not the most effective methods, you still need to play around a little with all the numbers in each row.

Normally, the wining numbers come from each column of the system 7 method, meaning to say, at each draw; wining numbers will come from highest to the lowest and not all from highest or lowest. It is mostly a mixture of high and low.

System 9 and system 11 are for those CASH RICH player who can invest more. System 9 simply covers all the 45 numbers, 5x9 = 45. So, stand a great chance but also meant a lot more bets = more money to place all the bets.

If you read more on lottery books, website, etc. Many players like to also sort their bets with a balance between odds & even numbers. 3 odds, 4even or 4 even 3 odds. etc... You can also use this to rearrange the numbers from each row from my site.

I have also make a quick check on all past results, it is quite often that 1 of the previous drawn number will be drawn again in the next draw.

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