Monday, September 10, 2007

Toto Prediction - Cascade Draw 10Sep07

10Sept - Cascade Draw - Jackpots 5.5millions shared by 3

Even though I have all seven numbers in my tickets, but they are all in different row. Using the method I have posted previously, since I brought all the 45numbers in different rows, i still having problem getting more then 4 in row.

Yesterday draw contains 3 repeated numbers from the previous draw which is not common. The last time this happen is in draw no: 2240. (16draws ago) Most of the time, one 1 repeated number from the previous draw is expected.

But if you have buy the prediction from my system 9 prediction.

You will win 4 numbers with row5, but it might be too costly to play.

Better Luck next time.

PS: I have two tickets with 3numbers each from my prediction.

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