Monday, April 13, 2009

TOTO Prediction: iphone - Sg Toto v1.04

Yes. I know, I have not been updating this TOTO page. Well, never bet some much on TOTO recently since the last 10million draw. Still cannot get over it that I didnt win the 10Millions,lol.

I just brought an iphone from a jackpot winning ($16K, from, that;s another story). Well, I installed this apps from Apple store called sgTOTO. What i like about it is that, its free and give the last 7 draws results and also those numbers not drawn in the last 7 draws. Nice.

if you have an iphone, do check him out.

blogging for winners

Some screen-shot from iphone

Latest results:

Last 7 is my favorite, gives the last 7 draw results and those numbers not drawn.

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