Wednesday, August 13, 2008

TOTO PREDICTION: Trying New Method...

In the last draw, 8millions, I try a new method. Not very good results, but I'm willing to try again. The method uses the last 8 draws results, which statistically been have higher percent of having all 7 numbers in there. Normally, last 8 draws will have around 30+ numbers. So, we are down from 45 to 30numbers to wheel.

I'm still looking for a effectively wheeling software to help me but was not able to find one (FREE) to use effectively. [ For members of, I will post a FREE software that I found, look out for my email.]

Back to my new method,

1. I used the last draw numbers, 7 of them, and create a list of 21pairs. In statistics, I'm covering all the 7 numbers in a pair. Since, I'm quite confident that there will be at least 1 number repeated from the last draw. So, by covering at least 2 numbers from the last 7, I will not miss any. [ Sad to say, in the 8millions draw, no repeated numbers. hai]

2. then, I use the wheeling software to wheel 5 numbers, with 3hit probability. To generate the 21x 5numbers set and combine with the 21 pairs. Making a total of 21 System7 entries

[ Trying hard to explain wheeling system]
wheeling program allow user to choose total numbers to wheel, and how many numbers to wheel with no. of hits.

For example, you can choose 30numbers to wheel, and you can select 20sets of 6 numbers to be generated from the wheel, and with a hit rate of at least 3, 4, or 5. Normally, for a full wheel, the program will generate a lot of sets, (in millions). If you only want 20sets, then the program will run and optimize the best possible option for the sets chosen. [!@#$, I'm confuse also.]

Anyway, today toto is 1.5 millions... Good Luck
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