Wednesday, February 20, 2008

TOTO prediction: Hong Bao Draw - Update

Dear all,

For toto HongBao draw, these are the numbers from the last 8 draws that I based on my pick ( not in any sequence). You pick yourself a number in each column, and bet ordinary entry. based on yr budget. System entries if you can afford it, but please do not over bet.


This is just an example, but i suggest you work out your own bet.

Good Luck.


The winning numbers are 1 15 18 19 25 37 (2)

HUH! Did anyone notice that every time when the jackpot is over 3Million, the drawn numbers are always small (calendar dates range, 1-31) Singapore pools trying to get the $$$ out ….

Anyway, I wasnt among the 10. :(. I have multiple tickets of 3nos. But you can see that all 7 numbers are from the last 8 draws. Cheers…

Better Luck next time.!

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