Sunday, November 25, 2007

Toto Prediction: 1.5Millions Draw

Today toto jackpots, 1.5millions, that explains why I'm posting again. :).

Remember the strategy of betting on all the numbers, well, often enough, I see many people queuing up in lines for a toto tickets, and ask for a Quick Pick. Now, I'm not saying that it is not going to win betting on Quick Pick, it is just no fun at all. I get myself a quick pick system 7 today, and the numbers are 7, 11, 12, 21, 22, 24, 25. Well, this is definitely not a good pick tickets, all numbers so close to each other. ( another wasted $3.50)

But for serious players, I would suggest you bet on all 45 numbers. For $21, you can bet on 6 system 7 with 42/45 numbers. Normally, I got rid of the least happen numbers (check Then, I make some effort to "place" numbers into the 6 rows of 7. If $21 is too much for your "betting investment" (or bad investment) You can go for 8x6, ie. 7 rows of 6 numbers ordinary bet, which cost $4. This way you can covers all 45numbers, (in fact, 48numbers in total) so, 3 repeated numbers in some rows.

Bettting on all numbers make a better strategy then QuickPick as you will have all the numbers on your tickets. And all you hope for is that all the winning numbers from the draw make a single row.

Remind yourself.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Toto Prediction: Winning Tickets for Draw 2273

Ok, manage to win some $ from the toto analysis. (Luck as well). Didn't spend time on this draw as it is Deepavali, so i bet on the numbers from the last draw. Anyway, the win is only 3+1, $20, so for a system 7 bet, I think total winnings = $60. Nothing to shout about...

PS: Remember, you still need to "massage" the numbers from my toto prediction page. (Some home work is needed to win the big $$$)

BTW: The results: 2 4 15 17 38 39 (8)

Monday, November 5, 2007

TOTO Prediction: Almost! but...

I can only say that one day I will definitely win the toto (lottery). Base on the last post, remembering betting of all numbers (especially those from previous 7 draws). I bet on a series of system 7 entries.

Well, I have 5 + 1 which is group 2 prize, BUT in different row. Better luck next time.
Toto Prediction

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Toto Prediction: Next Draw 2272, Prize: >1million

The next TOTO draw for this week is going to have a prize money over 1 million, that when I say I will post another methods.

I have been collected results for many weeks now, and with the strategy of betting on all numbers in different combination of system 7. I also want to share the current method I'm trying, not with extremely good results, but at least reducing the total numbers of selection to choose from. (confusing? yes, i think so to...:P)

I have looked at the pass result and can tell from the statistics that almost 6 numbers drawn from each draw are coming from the last 7 draws. In another words, we can concentrate our bet based on the numbers drawn from the last 7 draws. (Which is normally around ~35 of them). This reduces the numbers of bets need to place. Now, obviously the element of LUCK is really still the main thing.

For this method, you can first take note of all the past 7 draws from my website, or from S-pools, and then run a excel spreadsheet to sort the numbers. For my TOTO prediction, system 7 type, manipulate the rows, so that individual row consists of some of the past 7 drawn numbers and at least 1 from the previous draw.

Well, can hope your pick comes out!!! Cheers
Toto Prediction

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